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Aurthors advice: Well I finished the story of The legend of Aragon. But when i was working on it I've come to wonder: "What will happen if Aragon lived in a normal life?" well i decided to make another "Dimension" of the story. And maybe Aragon is going to fight but depends of the situation he is in. "What do you mean by situation?" well maybe im gonna add a little bit of Aragon's powers, abilities, and weapons. But anyways if i show you the story then you'll understand better than now.

Proluge:A cold memory
Aragon was in his kindergarden school and he was picking up his stuff and put them back in his backbag. "Well, Im already 6 years old and im heading back home. I hope mom is making Mac and cheese." Aragon said to himself with a smile. "Hey Aragon, can I talk to you a second?" a voiced said. When Aragon turned around it was Arwen his first friend that was a female and trusted classmate. "Oh hey Arwen, How are you?" aragon said as he carried his bookbag on his back. "Umm...what do you feel about me?" Arwen asked as her cheeks barely blushed. "Wow...ummm gee Arwen...I was going to ask that to you too..." Aragon said as his eyes open wide in surprised while his cheeks are blushing. "...Aragon..." she said as she looks down. "...yes Arwen?" Aragon says as he puts his hands on her shoulders. "...I...I love you...ok!?" Arwen said seriously as she hugs him tightly. "I...I love you too Arwen..." Aragon said as he huged her back and then kissed her lips gently but then he stopped. "But right now we have to go our homes. See you tomorrow ok?" Aragon said as he steals one more time a kiss from Arwen's lips as he went down the hallways. Arwen was so shocked and so happy when she wagged her tail she squeal "Ritaoo" as her cheeks blushed bright red. Meanwhile Aragon entered the family van where his older brother and sisters were sitting at the backseat and his father were driving and his mother was on the passenger seat. But it would seems that his father was drunk and his mother was upset with him. "Charlie slow down!" Elizabeth demanded her husband. "Shut the $@%* up!" Carlos says as he started picking up the speed of the van. The 4 siblig were trembling in fear as they hear thier parents fighting while the van goes faster by every seccond. Aragon keep telling himself "I hope none of my family gets hurt." as he tries to calm down from the horrorific situation he is living now. Then the inevitable happened, the van crashed the foward part of the van causing the family unconscious and made Aragon's body fly out of the windshield. A few minutes have passed. Carlos was still uncoscious Elizabeth,(Aragon's older siblings) Nicole, Dalila and Cj got out of the car and they have notice that little Aragon was missing. "Aragon, where are you!?" they said as they keep on looking everywhere but when they look passed the truck thier eyes and mouth were full of terror as they saw Aragon's body was stabbed trhough a tree branch as his heart came out of his chest and a scar was made on his right eye and a few sharped glass shards was in his skull. His eyes looked souless as he was nearly on the edge of death. *Beep,beep,beep.* Aragon woked up as the alarmed kept on beeping, then he slamed it in order to turn it off. "Heh its that nightmare again." He sighed as he sit up in the bed.


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Luis Nicolas Claudio Matos
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Puerto Rico
Im 15 years old and Im a student of Manuela Toro.
My favorite type of music is :Rock,dubstep,electro. Musician,artist,gamer and role-player

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